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How can Berlitz help your business succeed in international business?

In our globalized world, only those who master the language of their business partners and understand their culture succeed. Berlitz therefore offers your company a unique set of services based on a thorough needs analyis of your current and future business environment. Our range of language and cultural tools enable us to provide detailed solutions to many of the world's leading global companies - and we are now partners in helping these organisations adpaty succesfully to 21st century business. 

Needs analysis

A thorough needs analysis will first be carried out by our company advisors. Language goals, training content and budget are then based on this.


Once your company goals have been defined, a specially-trained team at the relevant Berlitz center will take care of your employees, assessing them to place them in the correct Berlitz programme. An oral assessment will test aspects such as vocabulary, fluency, expression and grammar. Written or online assessments are also possible on request.

Concept creation

Using the needs analysis, we will produce a detailed training concept for you with detailed information, including the start level, scope of training, frequency, teaching content and training goals.

Integration of specialist terminology

Every company has its own specialist terminology. This will of course be integrated into all our training if you wish.

Absolute transparency

You will receive full transparency relating to all the teaching units covered and the costs incurred at all times. Continually updated attendance reports and a final evaluation report for each participant are a matter of course for us - on request and at the end of a teaching unit.

Monitoring learning progress

To give all participants the opportunity to check what they have learned, we offer them a language test on completion of the training course. On request, we also offer other international tests, e.g. TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.


Every participant has the opportunity to give feedback at the end of a learning segment. The content of the feedback forms can be tailored to your company's requirements, upon request.


At the end of the program, every student receives a certificate detailing the course that they have completed, the grade that they have achieved and their spoken performance during the course.


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