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Some of the things clients are saying about us.

'I went to Berlitz because for me the Berlitz name is synonymous with learning a language. I had no preconceptions at all but was immediately entranced by the teaching method: coming from a background of having been taught in school with tedious text book exercises and memorising of grammar, the Berlitz way of encouraging students from the very start to speak in their chosen language of study I found to be highly stimulating. I undertook a week's intensive study, and by half way through the week could feel that I was making real and genuine progress, my teacher was engaged, perceptive and and extremely dedicated - I looked forward to the lessons. I will be staying as a Berlitz student until I've mastered my chosen language - French - to a good conversational standard, and I'm confident that they will be able to help me achieve this.

See what Will Self has to say about Berlitz French in the Guardian newspaper.

Will Self: author and journalist: FRENCH student

Hola Paul,

Just a few words of feedback about the "Total Immersion" course in Spanish that I undertook this past week.

 The course offered exactly what was promised, from the moment I arrived till the moment the course finished it was Spanish, Spanish, Spanish. I immediately started learning how Spanish is constructed and even managed a few words on my first day. As I was a total beginner this was a major shock to my system, but after about 48 hours I felt that I was actually achieving something.

Your teachers were very professional throughout the course and had an enormous amount of patience. Bearing in mind my ability they needed it!

One very pleasant surprise is the amount of support on offer. The package is very comprehensive, and even now I am only just scratching the surface as to what is available. In the coming months I will use all that you have given me.

Finally the results! In my case I went from knowing nothing (I was a beginner of the beginners!) to actually learning some Spanish and more importantly remembering what I have learnt. The course offered exactly what it "said on the tin" and I am very satisfied. In one weeks time I will be in "Ciudad de Mexico" so will try to put into practice what Doris, David and Blanca taught me. My only wish is that I had more time, plus I used what time I had more wisely.

Len Archer, International Sales Manager, Winsor & Newton/Reeves/Snazaroo

Just a quick email of thanks to say that all of us who attended the Berlitz French course last week felt the course was outstanding. Admitedly, we came away feeling like our brains may explode with the amount of info we were trying to retain, but hey, that's crammer courses for you!

Nicola H, Executive Assistant to CEO - large international investment bank:  FRENCH student

I always found languages difficult at school and I can honestly say I learnt more in my five days of lessons at Berlitz than I did in the five years I studied at school.

Chris C: FRENCH student

I cannot make any suggestions for improvement. The tutors and the whole school environment were excellent...

Christine J: GERMAN student

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