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Terms and Conditions of Business for Online Transactions of Berlitz (UK) Ltd.

1. Scope of terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions of business of Berlitz (UK) Ltd - hereinafter referred to as Berlitz - shall form the basis of contracts concluded regarding all services/products offered on the website, in particular language lessons and similar items.

The Berlitz web pages are aimed at companies and both private and commercial users (hereinafter referred to as Users). Our terms and conditions of business apply to consumers and companies.

The individual regulations within our terms and conditions of business shall, according to their content, apply to consumers and companies. Consumers as defined in these terms and conditions of business are natural persons, who sign contracts for their own or family members.

The terms and conditions of business for Users shall only apply if Berlitz has expressly given its written consent to their application.

It should be noted that certain services/products may be subject to their own respective terms and conditions or registration conditions. Separate reference will be made to these in conjunction with the relevant service/the relevant product where appropriate.

2. Concluding a contract

The contract partner shall register/order the relevant service/the relevant product by clicking on the "Book" button and confirming this booking. The User shall thus make a legally-binding offer to order the service requested/the product requested from Berlitz. Berlitz shall accept this offer by sending a confirmation email. When the confirmation email is accessed by the User, the contract between Berlitz and the User shall come into force.
All timetables and schedules agreed by Berlitz are subject to the availability of the appropriate teaching staff. Berlitz shall always strive to find a substitute for any absent teacher. Customers are not entitled to be taught by a particular teacher. Berlitz shall offer replacement lessons or programs for any teaching units (TU) or programs which had to be cancelled. In cases where this is not possible, Berlitz shall inform the User immediately and refund any lessons paid for but not delivered, at the end of the course. A change in teacher may be part of the Berlitz Method, and does not entitle the customer to cancel or to withdraw from the contract. Berlitz accepts no responsibility for the non-achievement of specific course-related language goals. Guidelines published by Berlitz regarding the number of lessons required to reach a particular level are based on many years of experience, but may differ from the actual requirements in individual cases.

3. Right to withdraw/cancelation

The User may withdraw from their contractual declaration within 7 days in writing (e.g. letter, fax, email), without stating their reasons. The notice period shall generally begin on conclusion of the contract. Sending the withdrawal before expiration of this period shall be deemed sufficient for adhering to the withdrawal period. If the User has started the course/the first lesson has been held, the right to withdraw shall not apply.
Withdrawals must be sent to: Berlitz (UK) Ltd, 233 High Holborn WC1V 7DN London,
Where products/teaching materials are delivered, the period shall not begin before the day on which they are received by the User.
The right to withdraw notwithstanding, the customer shall pay for services that have already been used.

4. Price details

The prices at the time of ordering shall apply to the relevant services/products. The prices listed on include the statutory value-added tax. Certain services/products are exempt from value-added tax.
The price details for teaching and materials shall be quoted subject to the customer being placed in the appropriate course. If the placement differs from the actual requirements, there may be changes to the prices.

5. Terms of payment

The relevant applicable prices can be found in the relevant service/product description at The User undertakes to pay this price. Payment shall be due on registering for/ordering the service/the product.
The User shall note that Berlitz uses the SaferpayTM platform to process payment transactions with third-party companies, particularly SIX Card Solutions Deutschland GmbH. Payment of the price shall take place by using SaferpayTM.

6. Conditions for language tuition

6.1. Tuition conditions

One lesson is 40 minutes long. Each lesson is followed by a five-minute break. The customer agrees to the occasional observation of lessons by an instructional supervisor, in order to monitor the quality of the teaching staff delivering the lessons in question.

6.2. Payment conditions

Berlitz levies a registration fee for each individual tuition contract to cover administrative costs. The customer is obliged to pay the tuition fee in addition to the registration fee at the very latest prior to the start of the first lesson. If payment via instalments has been agreed, the first instalment shall be due at that time. All teaching materials must be paid in full immediately upon receipt. The contract between the customer and Berlitz also doubles as the invoice. A separate invoice shall only be issued if specifically requested by the customer. All payments received are taken as payment against the oldest unpaid invoice unless specifically instructed otherwise. If a contract has remained dormant for more than six months without the customer making use of any lessons, Berlitz shall be entitled to adjust the price in line with its general pricing policy. In this case, the Berlitz Language Center Management shall inform the customer accordingly.

6.3. Private tuition: Total Immersion/Crash Course

The individual schedule shall be agreed upon between the customer and the management or reception staff at the Berlitz Language Center, not between the customer and teaching staff. Customers unable to attend a booked lesson must inform the Berlitz Language Center management/reception by 12 p.m. on the day prior to the planned lesson. Customers unable to attend a lesson scheduled for a Monday must inform the centre by 12 p.m. on the preceding Friday at the latest. Customers shall be charged for any lessons that were not cancelled, or which were cancelled too late. Lessons that have been paid for but not used may be assigned by the customer to third parties, provided that the Berlitz Language Center is informed in writing. The contract may be terminated with five working days' notice. In the event of a cancelation, the customer shall be entitled to demand a refund of any lessons paid for in advance but not taken. This applies to lessons which would have been outstanding after expiry of the notice period.

Total Immersion® comprises the following:

  • 12 lessons per day between 09:00 and 18:00, a working lunch at a nearby restaurant with an instructor between 12:45 and 14:15, one "double lesson" per day with 2 instructors and one "private study" lesson per day. All lessons are private.

"Crash Course" comprises the following:

  • 8 lessons per day: 09:45 to 12:45 and 14:15 to 17:15. All lessons are private

"Private Half-Day" comprises the following:

  • 5 lessons per day: 09:45 to 13:30 or 13:30 to 17:15

6.4. Private tuition

It is possible to reschedule lessons. All lessons and teaching materials must be paid for in full prior to the first lesson. The customer may cancel the contract prior to the first lesson by giving 5 working days' notice; later cancelations are not possible. Refunds of course fees for lessons paid for but not taken shall not be given in the event of late cancelations.

6.5. "Group tuition", "Semi-Private tuition"

The start dates can be found in the information at and these are every Monday (excluding UK Bank Holidays).Berlitz shall be entitled to move a customer to a different group for instructional reasons, if such a move is deemed to be beneficial to the progress of either the customer or the group. The contract may be cancelled free of charge up to one week prior to the start of the course. While courses are in progress, the following regulations apply: lessons which a customer is unable to attend (due to illness, vacation, job commitments, etc.) must still be paid for. Cancelation is not possible while courses are running. If the customer does not fulfil his financial obligations and falls into arrears, Berlitz is also entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect. Notice of termination must be given in writing. In the event that the customer continues to take lessons over and above the number of contracted lessons, this shall be viewed as an extension of the contract in accordance with the conditions applicable at the time of the extension.

6.6. Minimum number of participants for a group

Each group has a minimum number of participants. If this is not reached, we reserve the right to convert group lessons to private lessons. The conversion rate is 5 group lessons become 3 private lessons, whilst the payment conditions remain the same.
Berlitz has the right to terminate a group or decrease the number of lessons for group instruction if the minimum number of participants is not achieved. If a group course is terminated, Berlitz shall be obliged to give customers a full refund for all cancelled lessons.

6.7. Entitlement to refunds

All lessons paid for but not taken shall be forfeited six months after the last lesson taken. No course fees for any lessons which have been paid for but not taken shall be refunded. Special written agreements between the customer and Berlitz are possible. No refunds for pre-paid lesson materials received by the customer, nor registration fees, shall be granted.

7. Conditions for Homestay Accomodation

Cancelations of a stay with a host family must be made two weeks prior to the start of the stay; in the event of late cancelation, a cancelation fee of the cost of one week's stay shall be due for payment. Outward and return travel and travel insurance shall be arranged independently. The fees for tuition, host family and transfer shall be paid at least 10 days before the start of teaching.

8. Links to third-party websites

The Berlitz website may connect to third-party websites either through links or other methods. Berlitz does not have any influence on the content of such websites. Berlitz distances itself from any websites that are of an offensive, unconstitutional, illegal or pornographic nature.

9. Data protection

User data shall be stored for internal processing and for Berlitz's own promotional purposes in accordance with legislation. If Users do not wish to be sent Berlitz information material, please notify Berlitz (UK) Ltd. Data will then be blocked. Reference is also made to the data protection regulations at

10. Liability and guarantee

Berlitz assumes no liability for the availability and accessibility of Berlitz accepts no responsibility for the non-achievement of specific learning and course-related goals. Berlitz shall also assume no liability for the cancelation of individual seminar modules due to force majeure. This does not affect the liability of Berlitz resulting from mandatory legal regulations.

11. Court of jurisdiction

The sole court of jurisdiction for all disputes relating to contracts concluded with Berlitz is England and Wales.

12. Final provisions

The laws of the United Kingdom apply.
Any changes and additions to the contract must be made in writing. In the event that any individual provision in this contract proves invalid, Berlitz shall be entitled to replace it with a valid provision of similar purpose. If this is not possible, legal regulations apply.

Berlitz (UK) Ltd, 233 High Holborn
WC1V 7DN London


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