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Cultural Consulting

Berlitz Cultural Consulting

Words are only 7% of our communication -success depends on your ability to reduce cultural risk.

Recent studies show that words and language make up only  7% of our total communication. First impressions and the way we come accross in international business have never been so important, especially in this era of increased competion and reduced margins of error. Berlitz Cultural Cnsulting offers a comprehensive range of practical workshops to help your company succeed in international business. Whether your sales team are trying to create the right first impressions in China, or you are setting up a new programme of international virtual meetings, Berlitz can help ensure your business avoids those expensive mishaps and faux-pas that can prove devastate your chances of success.

Succesful companies and managers know that understanding and observing correct business protocol is just as essential for success as tangible factors like time, value for money and quality. Understanding how cultural training can give your company the competitive edge in today's global marketplace is becoming essential for Sales, HR and Training Managers alike. Berlitz Cultural Consulting gives you the additional 93% that language alone cannot bring.

Seminars include:

  • Global Business Skills: cultural awareness, business conduct, syles of communication and effective interaction in different cultures
  • Relocation: preparation for living and working in a new host country, rules and taboos, customs, schooling,
  • Doing Business In... : practical tips on how to better understand cultural values, norms, protocol and etiquette. You will emerge with a team/group action plan to become more effective



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