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Total Immersion®

Total Immersion®

The fastest results come from the most intensive programme on the market.


Total Immersion® does as the name suggests - it immerses you in your new language to maximise your progress and give you the language tools you need to get the results you need - in the fastest possible time. See what our Total Immersion clients are saying and how Berlitz can deliver the fast results your company needs.

Who should take this programme?

Anyone who needs to gain immediate communication skills in the shortest possible timeframe. This is a non-stop programme from 09:00 to 18:00¹ over a minimum of five weekdays, with a highly personalised programme with a small team of trainers working closely with you. A working lunch is also included to help you continue learning in a more informal setting. See some sample programmes, available in 12 languages.

Total Immersion® benefits:

  • The fastest possible progress in the shortest possible time. A non-stop schedule is the closest you can come to experiencing life in a new language - and thinking in it without translating.
  • The best possible return on your time investment. Less time out of work means you are back in action much faster than with any other learning method or course.
  • The most efficient form of language learning yet discovered. Training happens only in your target language, and you learn through active involvement, reducing the time needed for learning.


¹All Berlitz programmes are comprised of 40 minute lessons, with 5 minute breaks in between lessons.

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