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Crash Course

English Crash Course

Fast progress for professionals.

Berlitz English Crash Course is an intensive programme specially designed to combine the best of our intensive methodogy with additional flexibilty for your personal commitments. This programme runs 09:45 to 12:45 and 14:15 to 15:45 over a minimum of five weekdays. The intensive learning strategy is the same as with Total Immersion, but you benefit from a free 90 minute lunch break, and have extra time for your commitments before and after the working day. The course is taught through a small team of trainers who will work closely with you to ensure you derive maximum value form your contact time. As with all Berlitz programmes, the Crash Course also includes access to the CYBERTEACHERS online learning platform and a number of telephone lessons allowing you to continue with your study after finishing the face to face training.

Who should take this programme?

Anyone wishing to learn or develop their language skills in a short timeframe with the benefit of time for other commitments.

Crash Course benefits:

  • A four and a half hour-per-day schedule is very close  to experiencing life in a new language - and thinking in it without translating.
  • An excellent return on your time investment. Combine an intensive schedule with your time for extra-curricular commitments.
  • Training happens only in your target language, and you learn through active involvement, reducing the time needed for learning
  • One of the most effective learning methods Berlitz has developed for busy professionals.
  • Ongoing language training via CYBERTEACHERS and telephone lessons
How to get started:

Allow yourself a period of 2 to 6 weeks for this intensive individual training of 6 lessons per day. You can choose your individual start date.

Please note: All Berlitz Courses are based on a lesson unit of 40 Minutes Duration plus a 5 Minute break (45 minutes). Telephone lessons are 30 minutes long.

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