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Private Tuition

One to one English Tuition

The ultimate in flexibility.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to take advantage of the Berlitz Method while taking time to enjoy time in the UK. Many students coming to the UK prefer to take morning or afternoon lessons leaving a large part of the day free to go sightseeing, shop and visit friends or relatives. Once your time in the classroom is finished, ongoing access to CYBERTEACHERS allows you to consolidate and develop your language skills

The benefits:

  • Full flexibility on timetable and course content
  • Lessons can be taken between 08:15 and 20:15
  • You think and speak in the new language from the start - and get to use it in real life
  • Core themes chosen according to your needs
  • Access to ongoing training through CYBERTEACHERS

How to get started:

With Private Tuition you have full flexibility with regard to the number of lessons, timetable and length of contract. Contact the language Centre for more details.

Please note: All Berlitz Courses are based on a lesson unit of 40 Minutes Duration plus a 5 Minute break (45 minutes).

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