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Crash Course

Learn a new language fast and make maximum progress in the shortest time

Are you expanding your business into foreign markets or developing international projects but your language skills are causing client communication problems; jeopardising your chances of success? Have you got plans to relocate––with little or no understanding of the local language––but you know you’ll be lost without it? Want to learn a new language, and have minimal time?

Are you an expat––recently moved to the UK––but you’re struggling to effectively communicate with your colleagues and it’s causing you stress at work? Or are you getting ready for a dream holiday and want to be best placed to enjoy communicating with the locals and soaking up the culture of your chosen country?

Whatever your motivation for learning a new language, the Crash course helps you improve language level and achieve your linguistic objectives in record time. Whether you opt for a one-week course, a six-week course, or something in between, you are guaranteed the accomplishment of your learning goals. The course content is customized to suit your specific needs. Berlitz trainers can call upon an extensive selection of materials from a wide variety of industries and areas of interest. You gain knowledge you can use in your daily life, increasing your confidence when using the language in any situation.


Tailored to your personal and professional needs

Gain more confidence in speaking and improve your target language proficiency with one-to-one lessons with your own team of private language trainers. Benefit from a personalised language program––tailored to your personal or professional circumstances––with a structure designed to accelerate your language skills as fast as possible.

Our experienced language trainers will select course content aligned with your individual learning goals––as stated by you––at the beginning of the course. This assures you will learn in situations that reflect your real-world experiences, so you can immediately practise your new-found language skills in real-life scenarios.

Immerse yourself in your target language with the Berlitz Method®

At the heart of the Berlitz Method® is immersion in the target language with a laser-focus on speaking and conversational skills (not the usual boring grammar with tedious written exercises). This will allow you to make progress fast and communicate effectively; while boosting your confidence in speaking and understanding.


What do you get with Crash Day?

  • Your own personal team of language trainers motivated to give individual instruction, attention and support
  • Personalised language program – Content tailored to your professional industry, personal goals or interests
  • Flexible lesson packages – You can choose from a course length of 1-4 weeks based on your availability
  • Intense lesson program – 30 hours per week (09:45-12:45 and 14:15-17:15 each day) to maximise your progress
  • All learning materials included and are fully adaptable to your specific learning objectives, goals and interests
  • Lunchtime break – Catch up on your busy working day, check emails or use the time to explore the city’s sights.
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Benefits of our Crash courses
The benefits of Total Immersion®
  • Make the maximum progress possible in the shortest time frame
  • One-to-one lessons mean you get individual attention and no time is wasted
  • Tailormade lesson plans enable you to reach your learning goals faster
  • You are guaranteed to be actively speaking more than 50% of your lesson time
  • From the beginning, you will think and speak in your chosen language
  • Continuous instructor feedback and interim reports to accelerate your learning
  • 100% based on the Berlitz Method® used at all of our Berlitz centres
  • Competitively priced lesson packages and flexible payment options

Who is the Crash course suited to?

  • Professionals who will soon relocate abroad and need to learn the native language as fast as possible
  • Professionals seeking to expand business opportunities abroad that want to maximise their chance of success
  • Expats recently relocated to London; struggling to effectively communicate at work that want to learn quickly
  • Dedicated boyfriends or girlfriends seeking to learn the native language of their loved-ones


Who will be teaching the course?

  • Native-speaking, dedicated and motivated instructors prepared to take your language skills to the next level
  • Fully qualified and certified instructors with a passion for languages, culture and learning
  • Patient, enthusiastic, friendly and warm teachers eager to keep you engaged and give you constructive feedback
  • Supportive educators to give you the assistance and encouragement you need to reach your learning goals

The Crash course is ideal for learners who need to improve their level of proficiency and gain a solid foundation in a new language quickly. Contact your local Berlitz centre to get more information and book a Crash course today.


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