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Improve your conversational skills with personalised learning in small groups

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to voice your ideas and opinions at work, but you’re scared you won’t be understood, or worse, make an embarrassing mistake in front of your co-workers. But you shouldn’t let your mediocre language skills and your fear of speaking up prevent you from having the successful work life you deserve.

Whether you have recently moved to London from abroad, have just started a new job in the capital, or you simply want to brush up on your language skills to improve your career prospects, you face the same stressful issues and troubles.

  • You have trouble expressing your thoughts and ideas to your co-workers; causing you stress and anxiety
  • You don’t fully understand what’s being said at meetings; causing uncertainty about your job role and tasks
  • You are fearful of making mistakes in front of your colleagues so you don’t speak up; hiding your true value
  • You lack the confidence to engage in conversation; so you feel left out and isolated from your co-workers

If this sounds all too familiar, our Mini-Groups course is the perfect language course to boost your confidence in speaking and conversation––especially, if you want to get the best value for money.

Our Mini-Groups course is designed to improve your conversational skills and language comprehension by placing you in small groups (2 to 4 people) with participants at a similar language level to your own.

Not only is it excellent value for money due to the group format, but you will make significant progress fast because you can practise your language skills along with your fellow learners.


Targeted to your personal objectives

Our experienced language trainers will select course materials that align with your individual learning goals––as identified by you and your fellow learners––at the beginning of the course.

This means the course content you will learn will be directly related to your real-world experiences and learning objectives. You can then practise your new language skills in real-life situations to reinforce your classroom learnings.




Immerse yourself in your target language with the Berlitz Method®

At the core of the Berlitz Method® is total immersion in the target language with a laser-focus on speaking and conversational skills; not the usual boring grammar and tedious written exercises like with many other language courses.

Our unique approach means you will immediately learn to think and speak in English. After only a few lessons, your confidence in speaking will increase and you will be able to communicate your thoughts to your co-workers clearly and effectively––banishing the previous inhibitions and fears that were holding you back.


What do you get our Mini-Groups course?

  • Small class sizes guaranteed – all groups have between 2 and 4 participants
  • Personalised language program – content tailored to your professional industry, personal goals or interests
  • Flexible lesson packages – you can choose from a course length of 1-4 weeks based on your availability
  • Lesson times from 09:45-13:30 – 16.66 hours per week from Monday to Friday
  • All learning materials included and are fully adaptable to your specific learning objectives, goals and interests


Combine your group classes with private tuition (optional)

In combination with the morning group classes, you also have the option of private tuition in the afternoons to reinforce the morning lessons. The combination of group lessons followed by private classes is the perfect way to accelerate your progress.

Benefits of our Mini-Groups course
Benefits of Semi-Private courses
  • Small group sizes mean individual instructor attention and support faster learning
  • Get a personalised lesson program aligned with your real-life situation
  • Practise conversational skills with your fellow learners to boost your confidence
  • You are guaranteed to be actively speaking more than 50% of your lesson time
  • You will think and speak in your new target language from the beginning
  • Continuous instructor feedback and interim reports to accelerate your learning
  • 100% based on the Berlitz Method® used at all of our Berlitz centres
  • Competitively priced lesson packages and flexible payment options

Who is the Mini-Groups course suited to?

  • Expats recently relocated to London looking to improve their communication skills at work
  • Professionals that want to improve their language skills to boost career prospects
  • Professionals seeking to increase their chances of securing a salary increase
  • Foreign exchange students seeking to take their language skills to the next level
  • Tourists visiting London seeking to embrace the local language and culture


Who will be teaching the course?

  • Native-speaking, dedicated and motivated instructors prepared to take your language skills to the next level
  • Fully qualified and certified instructors with a passion for languages, culture and learning
  • Patient, enthusiastic, friendly and warm teachers eager to keep you engaged and give you constructive feedback
  • Supportive educators to give you the assistance and encouragement you need to reach your learning goals


Where do the courses take place?

All our courses take place in a professional, purpose-built language school in Central London; easily accessible by public transport with parking facilities within walking distance.

  • Central London – 233 High Holborn, London WC1V 7DN
  • Underground: Within 1-minutes walk of Holborn Tube Station – Central and Piccadilly lines
  • Bus: Within 2-minutes walk of bus routes: 1,4, 8, 15, 26, 59, 68, 76, 91, 168, 171, 188, 341, 388 & 521
  • Parking: Within 6 minutes walk of NCP Shaftesbury car park


What Are Our Students Saying?

Every week we hear from delighted past students that tell us––since learning a new language using the Berlitz Method® and Mini-Groups course––their confidence in speaking has increased, their pronunciation has improved, and their new-found conversational skills have made their work and social life easier to manage.

“An excellent training–it’s great to have different teachers throughout the day. It’s very interesting working in groups during the morning and individually during the afternoon.”


Morgane, France (English learner)

“The friendliness of the teachers was excellent! They really helped us a lot! Thank you for your help and kindness! I hope I’ll see you again soon.”


Kazuma, Japan (English learner)


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Our dedicated team will give you all the support and encouragement you need to reach your professional or personal learning goals. 

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